MeetHook is a web and mobile app that supports 2 different parties; a “Host” and a “User” who connect via 1 on 1 video calls.

• A Host is someone that has a skill set or expertise and earns income by sharing their knowledge with Users who pay them per minute through a video call. Check out the benefits of becoming a Host here.

• A User is someone who would love the opportunity to speak with a Host who shares their interests for advice, technical guidance, career counseling, or just a fun discussion.

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Each category below contains links to our Host’s public profiles. Some Hosts appear in multiple categories according to their skill set(s) and expertise.


You would benefit from the MeetHook platform if any of the following statements apply…


I would love the opportunity to speak with the people who inspire me (that I’ve never had a chance to meet personally) to gain insight, perspective and/or just to say hello and thank them for the influence they’ve had in my life.


I wish there was a way for me to connect with my followers/fan base on a more personal level than what social media allows me to.


I’d like to speak with someone who has knowledge about a specific subject that could offer guidance and/or provide answers to my questions that I haven’t been able to find by searching prerecorded online content.


I want to earn extra money by sharing my knowledge and expertise with others but, (insert any hindrance here…) my busy schedule, geographical location, contact list, etc. prevents me from doing so.


The MeetHook platform is streamlined with convenience in mind, so you can connect on your time, any time!

  • Once a Host creates availability they are ready to be booked for 1 on 1 sessions. No back and forth scheduling hassles.

  • MeetHook accounts for time zones so there’s no confusion when setting availability or booking a session.

  • Users and Hosts connect to their 1 on 1 sessions using MeetHook’s integrated video calling functionality, eliminating the need to use any other platform.

  • MeetHook handles all payment transactions and documents them in the User’s and Host’s History section of their account for easy reference.