Our Hosts have the option to donate a portion of their session earnings to charitable organizations that MeetHook has partnered with.


WE encourage a philanthropic community!


MeetHook handles the calculation and distribution to the cause by automatically deducting the portion from each of our Host’s session earnings (of which details can be viewed at any time in the History section of completed sessions of the profile) and processing payment to the designated charitable organization. Our aim is to make the process as seamless and transparent as possible for our Hosts to give back!

To select a Charity: On Host accounts the Charity feature is located in the left navigation menu. From there, just toggle the Donate button to the on position to view the drop down menu of available charities to choose from and enter the percentage of session earnings to donate to the cause. These steps must be completed before hosting a session for it to work properly.

*Please note: The MeetHook Web app and Android app include the Charity feature in Host profiles, however the iOS app currently does not support it.

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MeetHook has partnered with the following Charities!

Click any logo to learn more about their cause.


Why align your charitable organization with MeetHook?


 Limitless Passive Donations: Partnering with MeetHook provides Charities with a convenient, passive opportunity for increased fund raising through donations from our targeted network of Professionals.

We encourage a philanthropic community: Our for-hire Hosts have the option to align themselves with your Charity and automatically donate a portion of their earnings to your organization.

Creative Collaboration: There are endless creative collaboration opportunities for our Hosts to raise money for your Charity. We empower our Hosts with the ability to give back, which opens the gateway for creative uses of their expertise and audience to raise ambitious donations.


Contact us to inquire about a charitable partnership!