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+ What is MeetHook?

MeetHook is a revolutionary new platform that connects professionals with their fans, students and followers through live 1 on 1 video calls.

  • Users of MeetHook can connect with teachers, mentors or professionals to gain knowledge, inspiration and insight.

  • Hosts of MeetHook earn money by sharing their knowledge and expertise, and as an added benefit, have the option to donate a portion of earnings to charitable organizations. (The MeetHook web app and Android App include the Charity feature in Host Profiles, however the iOS app currently does not support it.)

+ Where can I get MeetHook?

The MeetHook mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the type of device you have.

+ Can I login and use MeetHook on my computer?

MeetHook has been built, optimized, and tested to operate on most computers including Windows 7, 8, and 10, Mac OS, and Mac OS X browsing on the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Please note: The Apple Safari browser is not fully supported yet.

+ Why can’t I use MeetHook on Safari?

There are known compatibility issues with the Apple Safari browser. (For full functionality, please use latest versions of Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.)

+ Who are Users?

Those that want to connect with a mentor, teacher, or professional for a real time 1-on-1 live video call through the MeetHook platform. If you use MeetHook to learn, connect, or have a once in a lifetime virtual meet and greet, you are a MeetHook User.

+ Are there any costs associated with being a User?

It is 100% FREE to create and use a MeetHook User Profile which allows you to search through all Host Profiles and favorite the Hosts you like. To truly get something special out of the MeetHook platform, book a Session with a Host of your choice, which will have a cost associated with it. Session prices are established by each Host and can change at any time.

+ Who are Hosts?

Those with a skill set or fan base who want the power and freedom to earn a living and get paid for their knowledge, expertise and time whenever and wherever is convenient for them.

+ Are there any costs associated with becoming a Host?

No, it is 100% FREE to create a Host Profile!

+ How do Hosts earn money?

The revenue our Hosts generate per Session is based on multiple factors including Session rate and duration.

+ How do Hosts view their revenue earned from Sessions?

Once a Session is completed, Hosts can view their earnings from either of the following sections:

  • History/click the Session you wish to view earnings for/Session Detail
  • MeetHook Wallet/Earnings

+ How are Hosts earnings calculated?

The Session Earnings are calculated by multiplying the actual minutes the Host is present in the Session by the per minute rate. The 15% MeetHook Fee is then deducted followed by any percent to Charity chosen by the Host as well as a 3% Merchant fee. The Net Earnings then flow to the Host’s MeetHook Wallet; which can be viewed in the Earnings column.

+ How does MeetHook pay Hosts?

Hosts are paid bi-monthly on the 1st and 15th via ACH deposit into the bank account they designated in the Payout Details section of their Profile.

+ How do taxes work for Hosts?

No matter the type of income a MeetHook Host reports, they are not considered employees of MeetHook. As such, Hosts are not required to provide MeetHook’s EIN (Employer Identification Number) on their tax return. Every Host is responsible to report their earnings from MeetHook and pay any taxes associated with the revenue generated using MeetHook.

+ How does MeetHook generate revenue?

MeetHook takes a 15% commission from Hosts Session earnings. No surcharges or additional fees are charged to our Users. It is very important to us that our Users get a worry free and transparent experience while using MeetHook.

+ Do you have any advice for Hosting a quality Session?

  • Give the User your full and undivided attention during your Sessions as they have purchased this time with you.
  • Make sure the lighting is sufficient for the User to see you clearly.
  • Speak clear and legible.
  • Keep unnecessary background noise to a minimum to ensure the User can hear you.
  • Use appropriate mounting systems, tripods or similar options for the device you’re using so the video will be clear and still.
  • Make sure you are in the appropriate location and have all the supplies necessary for the type of Session you are Hosting (i.e. if you’re a Drummer Hosting a Drum Lesson, you should be near your drum set and all set up once the Session begins).

+ MeetHook sounds great! Where do I start?

Sign up with either an email address or a social media account such as Facebook, Google or Twitter. (Please note: the email address you enter to sign up with cannot be edited later. You must create a new MeetHook account if you want to use a different email address from the one you already signed up with).

Once you have signed up with MeetHook, make sure to check your associated email inbox for a ‘verification email’ from MeetHook. You must click the link in that email to vaildate your MeetHook account.

+ How do I log in?

Log into MeetHook via any of the following:

  • Email address and Password
  • Fingerprint (Your device must support Fingerprint login and you must click the “Enable” button on the login screen to turn on the Fingerprint option)
  • Social Media accounts (Facebook, Google or Twitter)

You may only log into your MeetHook account on one device at a time. Example: If you are signed into MeetHook on the Web and then sign in with the same account on an iPhone, you will be logged out of your account on the Web (and vice versa).

+ Where do I search for Hosts I want to book Sessions with?

  • From the Categories/Skills section
  • From the search bar/magnifying glass: search by Host name, Skill or Keyword.
  • From the Featured Hosts tab on the Dashboard

+ How do I favorite a Host?

Click the Heart on the Host's profile. The heart will turn red once you have favorited the Host.

+ Why can’t I view my Host Profile from a User’s perspective?

We are working hard to bring this feature to you in a future update.

+ Can a Host offer a Session with multiple Skills?

Currently Hosts are only able to offer one Skill per Session. We are working hard to make it possible for our Hosts to offer multiple Skills per Session in a future update.

+ What are the costs associated with booking a Session?

Each Session will have a cost associated with it, which is determined by each Host’s rate and duration. This can change at any time.

+ How do I book a Session with a Host?

Click on a Host's profile that you are interested in booking a Session with and Click ‘BOOK’ to see if they have any availability for Sessions. If they do, you can continue to the booking process. Please find a detailed walkthrough below:

  • Select Skill from the drop down menu
  • Select Session Type from the dropdown menu
  • Select from the ‘available’ dates in green and click; it will turn blue.
  • Click PROCEED
  • On the ‘Available Time Slots’ Screen, select a the preferred time
  • Click PROCEED
  • Review the ‘Session Summary’ screen for accuracy and if you agree to pay and book the Session click “PAY NOW”. Then you should receive a 'Payment Success' message.

+ What happens after I book a Session?

Select from the following options (if applicable).

  • ’Start Session’ will be available to click if the start time you booked the Session for is within the next few minutes. If the Session is not scheduled to start until a later time the ‘Start Session’ button will be greyed out and not available to select.
  • ’Add to Calendar’ will be available to click if the Session start time you booked is in the future. If the Session you scheduled starts in the next few minutes the ‘Add to Calendar’ button will be greyed out and not available to select.
  • 'REFER A FRIEND’. This will generate an email to your friends letting them know about MeetHook so they can check out and sign up!
  • 'SHARE'. Let your friends know via email, text message/SMS, social media, etc. about the upcoming Session you booked with your Host!

+ What do the different colored Sessions represent in My Calendar?

  • Orange represents User Sessions
  • Purple represents Host Sessions
  • Green represents Hosts open availabilities

+ How do Users pay for a Session with a Host?

Users enter their credit card information in their User Profile and once they book a Session with a Host, funds are electronically transferred. (Please note: all Session transaction amounts will be rounded to the nearest dollar.)

+ How will I know how much time is left during my Session?

Once a Session between a User and Host connects, a countdown clock will appear on the screen showing how much time is left in the Session.

+ What features are available during Sessions?

  • Front and rear camera switch (only on devices that support this functionality)
  • Start/Stop Recording
  • Volume
  • Turn Camera off/on (this will not stop the countdown clock timer)
  • Mute your microphone
  • Files (that have been shared with you during the current Session)
  • Send File (you have the availability to send images, audio/videos and files from your device/computer/laptop, etc. to the person you are in the current Session with)
  • Pause/Resume Session - will mute your microphone and turn your camera off, but will not stop the countdown timer of your Session)
  • End Session
  • During an active Session, when the countdown timer reaches two minutes, the User will be notified via pop up notification that their Session is about to end and gives them the option to extend the Session for an additional charge (providing the Host does not have another Session scheduled at that time). If the User chooses to extend the Session they will need to select the “Duration” in additional minutes they desire and click “Pay”. The Host will then receive a pop-up notification alerting them the User would like to extend the Session for the additional duration in minutes they selected, and the Host has the option to allow or deny the extension. If the Host allows the extension, the countdown timer will automatically update on both User and Host Session screens showing the additional time included and the Session will continue uninterrupted.

+ Can Hosts and Users exchange files during a session?

Users and Hosts can send/receive files (images, audio/video, documents) to each other during a Session.

+ Can I record my session?

Users and Hosts can record their Sessions however, only one person at a time can record the Session, so if a Host clicks the record button, only they can click the stop recording button and the User will not be able to click the record/stop recording buttons until the Host has finished recording, and vice versa. All Session videos that have been recorded (by either Host or User) are archived and are viewable by both the Host and User in the All Media section of their profiles. Please note: There may be a fee for storing multiple Session videos.

+ How do Sessions end?

Either of the following:

  • There is a timer visible on the screen when a Session is active. Once the timer runs out the connection will terminate between the Host and User automatically.
  • A Host or User can click the “End call” icon on the screen

+ What if there is a bad connection during the session?

Please contact Support@MeetHook.com with your name and session information for further support. If you are not sure if your connection is strong enough, before a Session, we suggest testing your speed and using the connection that offers the best connection speed to ensure your session is not interrupted and your picture is not pixelated.

+ What happens if the Host or User ends the Session before the scheduled end time?

If Host ends Session early:

  • The Host will be paid only for the time they were present in the Session.
  • The User will receive credit in their MeetHook Wallet for the unused time, which will be used to book new Sessions.

If User ends a Session early:

  • The User will not receive any credit for unused time.
  • The Host will be paid for the time they were present in the Session.

+ What happens if the Host and/or User fails to join a Session?

If Host fails to join:

  • The Host will be marked as a 'No Show' and will not be paid.
  • The User will receive full credit in their MeetHook Wallet which will be used to book new Sessions.

If the User fails to join:

  • The User will be marked as a 'No Show' and will not receive any credits.
  • The Host will be paid for the time they were present in the Session.

If both the Host and User fail to join the Session:

  • The Host will not receive payment.
  • The User will not receive credit.

+ What happens if a User or Host needs to cancel a booked Session?

Users and Hosts can cancel booked Sessions 24 hours prior to the start time.

  • When a Host cancels a booked Session 24 hours prior to the start time, the User who booked them will be issued full credit in their MeetHook Wallet, which will be used to pay for new Sessions.
  • When a User cancels a booked Session 24 hours prior to the start time, they will be issued full credits in their MeetHook Wallet, which will be used to pay for new Sessions.

To cancel a Session, go to My Calendar and choose the Session-

  • For Android and Web: click the trash can icon and confirm you want to Cancel the Session.
  • For iOS: swipe left to delete and confirm you want to Cancel the Session.

+ How are Users and Hosts held accountable during their Sessions?

MeetHook’s ratings system helps ensure everyone is accountable for their behavior. Users and Hosts are prompted to rate each other on specific criteria based on a scale of 1 to 5 stars after their Session has ended. The ratings system fosters mutual respect between Hosts and Users. Host ratings will be viewable publicly in their profile. Ratings will be regularly reviewed by MeetHook for quality assurance and to be sure everyone is enjoying the platform.

In addition to the Ratings system there is a “Report” button to notify MeetHook management of any issues with a specific Host or User. We may also be reached via email at Support@MeetHook.com.

+ Trust & Safety

We’re committed to empowering people to make a living doing what they love in a safe and positive environment! Founded on core values centered around personal interactions and learning from others is what MeetHook is about.

Our policies are in place to ensure a safe, healthy and engaging environment for our community. Always be respectful and exercise common sense during MeetHook Sessions.

Restrictions - The following behavior is strictly prohibited on MeetHook and will warrant an immediate freeze of an account:

  • Violence
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Illegal activity
  • Intentionally misleading, deceiving, demeaning, or harmful to any party
  • Offensive or otherwise inappropriate

Should you believe a Host or User has violated our policies, please contact us via email at Support@MeetHook.com.